What is a yellow wax tube?

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Yellow wax tube (PE) is a kind of plastic. The convenient bag we often mention is yellow wax tube (PE). Yellow wax tube is a simple polymer with a simple structure and a widely used polymer material. It is made up of repeated CH2 units. The yellow wax tube is formed by the addition polymerization of ethylene (CH2 = CH2).

The yellow wax tube is traditionally mainly white, and the main raw material is glass fiber, which is finished after drawing, weaving, and adding insulating varnish. In the process of wiring (network cable, electric wire, audio cable, etc.), if it is necessary to pass through the wall, or when the dark wire passes through the beam and column, the wire needs to be protected and protected from strain, and to prevent rat biting. Wax tube. After technical improvements, it has developed into a variety of material types, and has been applied to a variety of fields including machinery manufacturing, cars, home appliances, and buildings.

Ultra high molecular weight yellow wax tube (UHMW-PE) is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. It summarizes the superior functions of most plastics, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubrication, and shock energy absorption. These six characteristics are the high zui values of plastics. This new type of plastic product It is widely used in Europe and the United States, and the demand is increasing.

Similarly, the application of ultra-high molecular weight yellow wax pipe products in China is becoming more and more widespread, and it is a promotion project of the "Nine-Five-Year Plan" of "High-tech Industrialization Priority Development Strategy for Priority Development". Ultra-high molecular weight yellow wax tube adopts Ziegler-type high-efficiency catalyst low-pressure synthesis method, and the molecular weight is controlled above 1.5-3 million as required. Taking into account the thermal degradation of molecules during processing, high-density yellow wax tubes with a viscosity average molecular weight greater than 1.7 million can be processed into various products in order to have more superior functions.

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