What role do yellow wax tubes play in electricians?

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Yellow wax tube has insulation effect. It is generally used in places where the equipment requires enhanced insulation. It also has a flame retardant effect. The electric wire is prevented from leaking due to high temperature. Plasticized insulating sleeve. What role do yellow wax tubes play in electricians?

Polyvinyl chloride glass fiber paint tube has good dielectric properties and chemical resistance, as well as superior softness and elasticity. It is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical guarantee of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, appearances, medical equipment, radios, televisions, and household appliances such as electric fans and washing machines. It can also be used as a wire sleeve in the hotel's home decoration, which can effectively prevent the short circuit of the wire formed by domestic damage such as rats.

In the early years, the yellow wax tube was woven from silk material, and the outside was dipped in paraffin wax. Because of its yellow color, it was named yellow wax tube.

The current yellow wax tube products are woven with alkali-free glass fibers and coated with polyvinyl chloride resin and plasticized electrical insulation paint tubes, also called polyvinyl chloride glass fiber tubes. This tube is relatively high temperature resistant, has good flexibility, elasticity, insulation and chemical resistance, and is suitable for wiring insulation and mechanical maintenance of motors, electrical appliances, appearance, radio and other equipment.

For example, the taps and leads of the windings of various power supply transformers; the leads of motor windings; the insulation of the connecting wires and joints of electrical equipment working in high temperature environments; Water heaters, electric ovens, induction cookers and other internal connecting wires and the outer layer of the heating element leads are covered with yellow wax tubes.

The yellow wax tube is traditionally mainly white, and the main raw material is glass fiber, which is completed after drawing, weaving, and adding insulating varnish. In the process of wiring (network cable, electric wire, audio cable, etc.), if it is necessary to pass through the wall, perhaps the time when the dark wire passes through the beam and column, the wire needs to be protected and protected from strain, and to prevent rat biting. At this time, yellow is required. Wax tube. After technical improvement, it has developed into many types of material models, and has been applied to various fields including machinery manufacturing, cars, home appliances, and buildings.

Although the outer layer of the yellow wax tube is a white tube with a yellow-green pattern and is not impregnated with wax, people still call it a "yellow wax tube".