What functions does FEP Teflon shrink tube have?

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Dongguan Dabeni Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of insulating materials and other new materials. The main products are silicone resin glass fiber sleeves, inner fiber outer rubber sleeves, Teflon Insulation materials such as insulation sleeves, PVC sleeves, silicone and silicone heat-shrinkable PE heat-shrinkable sleeves.

FEP Teflon Insulation Sleeve is made of Teflon material with special process. The product has a high temperature resistance of 200 degrees and a shrinkage of 1.3: 1. The color is mainly transparent, black, red, yellow, and green. , Blue and other colors, can be customized, product specifications range is also very large, 3.0mm-230mm can be opened mold production, mainly used in machinery, automation equipment and other fields.

FEP Teflon heat shrinkable tube product features:

1. High temperature resistance-The working temperature can reach 200 ℃.

2, low temperature resistance-Teflon insulation sleeve has good mechanical toughness, even in the temperature environment of -250 ℃ is still not completely hard and brittle, can still maintain a small elongation and a certain flexibility.

3. Corrosion resistance-For most chemicals and solvents, it shows laziness, strong acid and alkali, water and various organic solutions; except for the reaction with fluorine element, molten alkali metal and chlorine trifluoride at high temperature. In addition, it will not be corroded when touching with other chemicals.

4, weather resistance-carrying oxidation function in the atmosphere is very good, high weather resistance.

5. Electrical insulation-FEP Teflon heat shrinkable tube has the same electrical insulation function as PTFE Teflon heat shrinkable tube.

Teflon insulation sleeve is extruded from Teflon resin. The product can resist high temperature, abrasion, corrosion, non-stick and weathering. According to the wall thickness and voltage resistance of the product, Teflon can be used. Insulation sleeves are divided into three types: S, T and L.