What is the main difference between outer fiber inner hose and outer fiber inner hose?

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The outer fiber inner hose should be an outer woven rubber tube. The outer side of the hose is woven with all fibers. Primarily, there are pump hoses and water jet hoses. It belongs to the rubber tube for professional use. The outer rubber inner fiber tube should be a rubber tube with an inner and outer layer, and a fiber reinforced layer sandwiched between the rubber tube, which mainly includes an air pipe, a water pipe, an oil pipe, a welding hose, etc. The outer rubber plays a protective role. It belongs to the general type of rubber tube. So what's the main difference?

The production process between them is different: the outer woven hose is full of fiber weaving, the rubber tube is not visible from the outside, and the fiber web of the inner woven hose is grid-like. The use is different: the outer woven hose can only be special according to the use environment, there are relatively few types. The inner woven hose is very versatile. If one is better, it is of course better to have a rubber tube protected by rubber.

1. The production process between the two: the outer weaving hose is full of fibers, and the outer weaving hose looks like a rubber hose fiber mesh. Uses: The outer woven hose can be used in a small number of special types according to the use environment. The inner woven hose is not widely used.

2. The outer fiber inner hose should be woven outside the rubber tube. The outer fiber is woven outside the main fiber. The hose of the main pump, the hose of the water gun, etc. belong to the rubber tube for professional use.

3. The inner rubber and outer fiber sleeve is made of silicone rubber into a tube, then added to the woven glass fiber, and then coated with silicone resin at high temperature. With good insulation and temperature protection.

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