Common types of high temperature resistant bushings

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High temperature resistant sleeve refers to a kind of cable protection product that can adhere to non-melting and heat insulation to ensure the continuous operation of mechanical equipment under high temperature environment. Can be used to maintain cables, pipes and other equipment in high temperature production environments. It can be divided into many types from practical use, such as tube-type high-temperature-resistant casing, snap-type high-temperature-resistant casing, and wound-type high-temperature-resistant casing. Although they have the same protective performance, they have their own uses and can satisfy the use of different working conditions.

1. Straight casing is generally suitable for maintaining shorter, and possibly straighter, pipelines. It is only necessary to put one end of the cable directly on the sleeve, so more are used.

2. The snap-on sleeve can be installed on the protective sleeve by adopting only one buckle and one buckle, without stopping the equipment. When using the casing, open the outside of the casing, put the cable in, and close the casing with a fire-resistant and flame-resistant adhesive tape sewn inside, which will not affect the protection effect at all. It is often used to protect pipelines on some mechanical equipment that is not easy to disassemble.

3. The winding sleeve can be used for the high temperature protection of some irregular equipment such as valves, pipelines, etc., and can have the effects of high temperature resistance and heat insulation.

High temperature resistant bushings are widely used for covering hoses, tubing and cables in high temperature work places such as steel, exercise, marine and chemical industries. Casing specifications: 8-1240 × 1-200mm Standard: API SPEC 5CT-American Petroleum Institute Standard Uses: Seamless steel pipes used for casings and tubing for oil wells The main steel pipe grades are J55, K55, N80, L80, P110 Wait.

High temperature sleeving (English name: High temperature sleeving), also known as fire-resistant casing, silicone rubber glass fiber casing, made of high-purity alkali-free glass fiber into a tube, and then coated with organic silicone on the outer wall of the tube and vulcanized . After vulcanization, it can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -65 ° C-260 ° C and adhere to its soft elastic properties.