How to judge the quality of yellow wax tube?

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How to judge the quality of yellow wax tube ? Today, we at Dongguan Dabeini Electronics Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce you:

If it is found that the resistance between the two leads is "0" (the pointer of the multimeter does not move), it can be caused to work after a period of no-load. There will always be three types of lead wires, winding short-circuits and leakage (poor insulation) malfunction. Then use a multimeter to check whether it is turned on, then the short-circuit point must be inside the winding. Suppose the short-circuit point is located at both ends. To avoid damaging the winding insulation. In order to confirm which coil it is, use a multimeter to check whether it is turned on and fix it. You have to repeat the winding. Suppose a coil in the winding is damaged.

(2) Short circuit of the winding——Introduction to the internal repair of the washing machine-The short circuit of the stator winding will not start after being energized, generally less than 100 ohms and the secondary winding wire diameter is small. If no short circuit is seen outside the winding. First carefully jump out the two broken ends with tweezers to confirm whether there is a short circuit fault. Just repair the coil separately when repairing. The diameter of the main winding in the dewatering motor is thick. To view winding short-circuit faults, you can use a multimeter to match the sensory view, and so on. the way is. Suppose the trip point is at the two ends of the stator winding.

(1) The windings of the broken motor stator system will form a wave of the washing machine after the power is turned on or the dehydration bucket does not work, then the coil can be taken out of the stator phase first. Generally, the resistance of each winding is tens of ohms, you can confirm that the winding must be open, and then connect a piece of pubao wire with the same wire diameter. The resistance value is small. After all, the motor will be destroyed. After the joint is welded, it will be good outside The yellow wax tube or yellow wax silk can be used to compare the resistance of the two windings to the washing motor. And the insulation layer must be laid in the stator slot according to the original insulation level. After re-integrating according to the original parameters. For accurate discrimination.

If normal, the measurement result can be compared with the resistance value of the corresponding winding of the same standard motor. If you can judge whether the temperature rise is too high through the touch of your hand after power on, add a low-voltage DC power supply (12-36V) to the two leads of the winding with short-circuit fault. Scratch off the printed insulation paint.

Severe odor or smoke will also be emitted in severe cases, it can be confirmed that the short-circuit point is in the coil. And whether the washing motor is still a dehydration motor, it is clear that a short circuit has occurred inside the winding, and no "humming" sound is heard. Use a multimeter to measure the DC resistance between any two of the leads. There is a certain resistance value, and it is accompanied by a "buzzing" sound. They have the same DC resistance and are embedded in the original stator slot. The voltage is significantly lower than the other three coils. The slot insulation is damaged and the resistance is large. You can pad insulating paper between them and apply insulating varnish. Then apply insulating varnish on this part to measure the wire diameter.

If it is investigated that the windings have been burned or severely damaged. Use the multimeter's R × lk or R × 10 k gear to measure the resistance between the motor leads and note the number of turns. After connecting the coil sleeve with other coils in this winding. When it is found that the short circuit is serious, you can only replace the entire stator winding, and then use a multimeter to measure the DC voltage on the four coils of the winding. During the measurement, the electrical fault of the motor is overhauled.