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Is the high temperature resistant silicone tube toxic?

Edit:Dongguan Dabeini Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

With the continuous development of domestic medical silicone tube skills, domestically produced silicone hoses are now entering high-end silicone tube malls. Medical silicone tube is mainly used for supporting large-scale pharmaceutical equipment. It is used to transport medicine powder, weak acid and base, and extract medicine solution.

High temperature resistant silicone tube It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. It can reach 300 ° C without any problem. Since some customers have recently asked whether this high temperature resistant silicone tube will emit a special temperature under high temperature conditions Maybe directly: whether it will affect the safety guarantee of our food. Generally, we know that a silicone tube will become soft when the temperature reaches 110 ℃, and this high temperature resistant silicone tube It doesn't soften.

The most important thing to know when customizing a high-temperature resistant silicone tube is temperature; so in the early stage of customization, we must eliminate and understand the temperature index given by you, as well as the precise positive and negative temperature differences. After our skills calculation, I run the simulation to find out whether you have actually reached your requirements. Maybe the price is made according to the temperature degrees provided by you. Of course, we will also test the temperature and temperature required by you; Does it emit toxins?

Generally, in the disinfection of electrical appliances, this high temperature resistant silicone tube is installed. It passes through a lot of secreted hot air and toxic substances. It also passes through the suction pipe to the inside of the tube, and the principle of disinfection is maintained in the transportation disinfection equipment. For this principle, our heat-resistant silicone tube plays a very important role.

From the above, it was also written that the temperature reached by the heat-resistant silicone tube is set according to the customer. Generally, the temperature can reach 350 ° C, and some can reach 300 ° C. Our primary production aspect is still subject to quality testing of raw materials. The quality of the material is very good, so its heat resistance will be very good.

Hygienic silicone hoses with low decomposition rates are suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic and food processing applications. The medical silicone tube is made of high-purity platinum vulcanized silicone material with a hardness of 70A. It has the advantages of anti-vacuum, anti-rupture, kink resistance, durability, and strong pressure.