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What are the steps in the production process of corrugated tube blanks?

Edit:Dongguan Dabeini Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

The manufacturing process of the corrugated tube blank has the following steps:

1. Repeated thinning and deep drawing production process

The repeated thinning drawing process is suitable for making corrugated tube blanks with a tube length less than 300mm. The process mainly includes blanking, repeated drawing, repeated heat treatment, and repeated thinning and drawing.

2. Steel ball spinning and thinning drawing process and equipment

Spinning and thinning of steel balls is a process method that the blanks are drawn and thinned by rolling between the male die, the female die and the steel ball under high speed rotation. The high-speed rotation of the punch (or perhaps the die) drives the steel ball itself to rotate and rotate at high speed along the periphery of the blank. .

3. Manufacturing process of welding receiving billet

The production of corrugated pipe blanks by welding is a process method with high production efficiency, low cost, simple control of wall thickness, and strong adaptability. At present, it is mostly used to make large diameter corrugated pipe blanks and hose pipe blanks. Welding of corrugated pipe blanks currently uses gas shielded DC argon arc welding, micro-arc plasma welding and laser welding. The welding thickness is 0.1mm ~ 1mm, the data are 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9, 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 and GH169.

4. Production of multilayer corrugated pipe blank

Multi-layer bellows have higher pressure resistance, but also have less rigidity and larger displacement. They are often used to make bellows for metal expansion joints and leak-free valves. The multi-layer bellows used for the expansion joint generally has an inner diameter of more than φ80mm. Most of its tube blanks are reserved for the casing gap when welding and receiving the blanks, and are welded into tube blanks of corresponding layers.

According to the different requirements of the interlayer quality of the corrugated pipe products for the casing of the multilayer tube blank, two methods can be used: hard casing and soft casing. After making the hard tube blank, after cleaning the surface, the casing is directly sleeved, and then solid solution or annealing heat treatment is performed.

This method requires heat treatment and pickling after the casing, which makes it difficult to ensure the smooth surface of the interlayer and no residue between the layers. The hard tube blank is first heat treated and pickled. After obtaining the smooth surface quality, it is softened. Under the condition of the casing, the interlayer quality of the corrugated tube product can be reliably guaranteed.