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What are the main characteristics of high temperature tubes?

Edit:Dongguan Dabeini Electronics Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-19

High temperature pipe, also known as self-extinguishing pipe, heat insulation pipe. Made of glass fiber, the outer layer is coated with a layer of silicone insulation. High temperature air pipe, high temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature exhaust pipe, anti-vibration, external wear-resistant maintenance, strong resistance, (exhaust gas temperature to + 250 ℃). What are the main characteristics of high temperature pipe and high temperature exhaust pipe?

Dabeni high temperature air duct, high temperature resistant air duct characteristics: extremely cost-effective; anti-vibration; external wear protection by spiral wire, good alkali metal acid resistance, good flame resistance; strong resistance; bending radius is about The outer diameter is the same. The outer layer is maintained by a strong steel ring, which can be dragged on the ground without wearing the air duct. Others can also bear the weight of objects, fire, water, and acid and alkali.

High temperature air duct adopts CP structure, pipe wall material: special high temperature fiber coating; spiral wire, stainless steel (VA).

1.Temperature scale: about -60 ℃ to + 250 ℃

2.Color: green, blue, etc.

3.Application: extraction of engine exhaust gas; solids with strong abrasion force, such as dust and fiber; active media, such as dust and suction for steam and smoke industry, chemical industry.

4. Material: High-quality glass fiber coated cloth. Imported high-quality glass fiber coated cloth (one layer) and high-strength fiber thread. Hold the upper and lower ends of the material with metal clips.

High temperature tube, also known as self-extinguishing tube, also known as silicone resin fiberglass sleeve, with a temperature resistance of 180 degrees. Breakdown voltage of 1.5KV, 2.5KV, is made of alkali-free glass fiber sleeve after high temperature treatment and coated with silicone Copolymer resin. It has certain dielectric functions, good self-extinguishing properties, and superior flexibility and elasticity. It is widely used for insulation maintenance of wiring insulation and clustering of motors, televisions, and electronic instruments.