Teflon insulation sleeve

Teflon insulation sleeve
Teflon insulation sleeve

Teflon insulation sleeve, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sleeve, is first made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material. It has high temperature resistance (260 ° C), corrosion resistance, high insulation, and excellent Electrical and other characteristics.

Teflon tube is made of two types: compression molding and compression molding. Push tube can be covered with corrosive medium fluid pipeline, insulation sheath and drive shaft. Moulded pipes can be machined for various non-standard parts and used as non-stick materials. It can be used at -65 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃. Among the known plastic materials, it has a very low coefficient of friction and good corrosion resistance.

Teflon sleeve is kneaded and sintered with imported high-quality PTFE resin. This product has the advantages of high temperature resistance (260 ℃ ~ 300 ℃), corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Teflon insulation sleeve has excellent electrical characteristics and temperature / stick resistance, corrosion resistance, and can be widely used in: electrical insulation, physical and chemical instruments, electrical communications, aerospace, automotive, medical, electric heating and other industries, machinery, electronic appliances , Automotive, aerospace, chemical, communications and other fields.

Characteristics: Withstand voltage 150V ~ 600V

Working temperature: -65 ℃ + 260 ℃ (Temperaturer: 105 ℃)

Melting point: 327 ° C

Flame retardancy: VW-1

Breakdown strength: 45KV / mm

Color: transparent, black, blue, red, yellow, green

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